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My background

First and foremost, I consider myself a mother and wife- it fulfills my soul.  I have four amazing birth children and three great step children.  And my husband, Craig?  'Not enough room here to explain how wonderful he is!

My formal education consists of a BA in business management, an MBA and a PhD in Organization and Management.  For nearly three decades, I worked in a variety of sales and leadership roles, then switched my career to consulting and teaching before discovering that my true passion has always been writing.  

I still love to teach, inspire and support others become the very best "them" that they can be, so I continue to consult, give speeches/lectures and conduct training classes...But writing, though, oh, when I'm writing...it what makes ME so happy!

My writing roots

With such a colorful and loving family, I am inspired every day.  But my littlest one, Chloe, inspired me to start writing for children.  In response to our reading time together, Chloe's belly laughing makes my heart sing and ignited the kindling that had always been waiting for me.

Though I strictly write fiction books, you'll see that in them, my family inspires my characters, plots and emotions. We've laughed and cried together, challenged and supported one another, but most of all, we've made wonderful lasting memories.  

That's my writing goal: to make every book I write a memorable one for my young readers (and maybe teach them a thing or two as well)!


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